Bianchi, Azienda Agricola
Piedmont, Italy
Cloudy ruby red to purple color, more rust orange at the rims, looks like it has some years on it. The nose displays some volatility, nail polish and damp forest matter, not a lot of lift to it, offers pine cone, candied cherry to strawberry fruit, black tea leaf and fresh leather, doesn't make you want to keep sniffing it. Full-bodied, the volatility present here too with peanut shell and poop notes, gets you puckered and squinting right away. Plenty of ripeness in that cherry, blackberry fruit, darker complexion here. But the sourness and funk just doesn't go away. Mildly floral, orange and grapefruit pulp, leather and inert minerality. Can't imagine this is the way it's supposed to be. Could continue drinking it but why. (Composite Cork: Diam5)
85 points

Note: Was expecting a lot more from this bottle. Suspect unclean winemaking practices or something like that.