Lato, Paul
Santa Maria Valley, California
Sierra Madre Vineyard
Le Souvenir
The golden hue is clearly deepening and taking on the appearance of a matured wine, clear rims and adequate shine, could see it approaching amber as a truly older wine. There's something acrid to the nose, a mix of salt lick, sauna smoke, beef jerky, burnt butter and band-aids, mildly floral and solid enough core of peach, apricot fruit scents but this is nowhere near an enjoyable nose and additional air time does nothing to help. Medium-bodied plus, on the soft side even as the acidity impresses well enough. Buttery with a butterscotch, caramel edge, time has done little so far to reduce the oakiness. Lime citrus, violets, orange blossom and ginger spice provide plenty of makeup. Fully ripened kiwi, apricot, pineapple, guava fruit. Expected more of a clean, keen edge and nowhere near as much oak influence. Really don't think even more aging will help.
87 points

Note: The first wine I have tried from Paul Lato. Not impressed. People I know and respect buy this producer. But it tasted like run of the mill expensively oaked Chard to me.