Eddy, Tom
Napa Valley, California
VSR (Very Special Red)
Cabernet Sauvignon
Black core, contrasted by vibrant red rust to brick red rims, noticeable saturation in the latter, liquid looks clear. The nose has a taut nostril feel, vanilla, marshmallows, toffee yield to pine, menthol, cedar and incense notes, great cleansing action, then there’s the plumply layered plum, blackberry fruit which feels like you need a sharp knife to cut off a chunk. In the mouth it’s full-bodied and moves with both heft and grace. The tannins still nibble or lightly gnaw, this adds much needed erectness. Cedar, eucalyptus and bell pepper immediately add depth, as does a late showing from grapefruit to blood orange citrus. Mocha and vanilla bean accents bubble up but not all that oaky. The velvety texture contributes to a prolonged finish. Dewy retronasal presence. Fleshy and perhaps verging on slutty but this is archetypal Napa Cabernet and the kind of wine you’d happily drink until passing out.
92 points

Note: After some "okay" bottles from Tom Eddy comes one which reminds me why I enjoy their wines so much as a guilty pleasure.