Passaggio Wines New Generation Roussanne Hux Vineyards Lodi Ca. 2016

A lighter golden color - like the sun just after full rise, but not as intense as full morning sun. Pretty apple, pear, orange blossom, citrus and honeysuckle scents. Nothing explosive, blousey or extracted here, but rather Old World in its restrained precision (The Spousal Unit thought it was an Old World wine.) A surprisingly good effort from a producer who hasn’t otherwise impressed me and using fruit from Lodi instead of her home base of Sonoma. 13.4% alc. With assorted cheeses and crusty bread. 09.29.18. Recommended.

Tensley Wine Camp 4 Vineyard “Blanc” Santa Barbara Co., Ca. 2014

The intensity of color in the glass mesmerizes; a yellow like the skin of an apple puréed and fined to leave nothing but yellow. The nose is doubly intense. Never have I tasted this wine (earlier vintages of this cuvee) and pulled the glass back with a jolt and exclaimed, “Wow!!” Golden delicious apple, Asian pear and quince smacks the senses. Lemon oil, creamy almond and touch of honey, honeysuckle, and tangerine pull through the mid-palate. A bit hot on the finish with a flash of heat, but the intensity of the wine is all you’re left remembering. A creamy mouthfeel. Beautiful for what it is and what it delivers as much as how it surprises. A blend of 65% Grenache Blanc and 35% Rousanne. 13.7% alc. With crusty bread, pork loin and cheeses (brie, green peppercorn and kunick). 09.07.18. Highly Recommended.

Robert & Stephane Rousset Crozes-Hermitage (Blanc) Rhone 2015

As honey-gold flows in the decanter, a perfumed bouquet spreads out in waves of golden apple, peach, honeysuckle, wet stones, and lychee fruit. A rich, yet clean mouthfeel - nothing heavy or forced - spreading across the palate with medium weight. The flavors precisely track the bouquet and then finish with mineral and anise. The Spousal Unit repeatedly insists she does not like Roussanne (which is one reason for decanting the wine). A couple sips in, she opines that she “looooves” this wine. At which point, I confess to having yet again slipped in another Roussanne. A 50/50 blend of Marsanne and Roussanne that punches well above its weight; a $17 QPR. 13% alc. Decanted. With roasted chicken (mushroom sauce on the side). 09.15.18. Recommended.

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