Thomas-Labaille LíAuthentique Sancerre Loire 2016

The color of pale strawberry juice. The bouquet and flavor strawberries and cream with just a touch of anise o the finish. Between this and the Corner 103, this is the wine for grown ups. Itís vastly more interesting. 13% alc. With shrimp and corn cakes or chicken salad; canít recall. 09.05.18. Recommended.

Corner 103 Rosť of Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast Sonoma 2017

The flavor is pleasing but it is all over the spectrum: first strawberry, then peach, no, wait a minute, itís melon .... eventually the flavor settles in as kool-aid. The wine is a touch out of balance with heat. Nevertheless, itís refreshing and slurpable. 13.5% alc. 09.04.18. Recommended.

Lucien Crochet Pinot Rosť Sancerre Loire Valley 2016

Hmmm, corked or not corked, that is the question. Some initial tightness but with flavors of strawberry, cherry and cream. But then something funky too. Per usual, a touch of basil on the finish. But then as it warms ... some wet doggy fur and cardboard. But then by itself and without any cheese ... itís a beauty again. Whaddup?! Alc. 13.5%. With assorted soft cheeses and crackers. 10.06-3.18. Recommended.

Lucien Crochet Pinot Rosť Sancerre Loire Valley 2016

This might not be a Baudry rosť but it is nevertheless another beautiful example of a rosť. The pinot noir character comes through with strawberry, cherry and cream; maybe even a bit of violet comes through. A touch of basil on the finish. Alc. 13.5%. Consumed over three (3) days as is and also with lunch of tomatoes and pimento cheese on croissants. 09.01-3.18. Recommended.

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