San Martino Barolo Riserva Speciale Dal Vigneto Margheria 1974 (Secondo Pira)

720 ml / 13.5 % Bottle #1,264 out of 4,827.
Azienda San Martino (Torino)
Prodotto E Messo in Bottiglia All'origine Da Pira Secondo & Figli (Serralunga da'Alba)

So Secondo Pira grew and bottled the wines and they were then sold under the San Martino label. I somehow assumed Secondo Pira was the forerunner of the L. Pira winery that exists today and sells Margheria Barolo. However their website only talks about Luigi Pira and the area is deep in Pira's so probably a relative. There are and have been Secondo Pira wines for sale from the '60's and '70's but this is the first that I have tried.

It was listed without mention of Pira or San Martino but as Margheria as the winery/producer. I know that some wineries are named after their home vineyard and as Magheria is one of the long time famous Serralunga vineyards, I decided to take a chance. I ended up with a single vineyard Serralunga at a time when not many single vineyards were coming out of Serralunga. Certainly Fontanafredda and Giacosa were doing some and others were making a defacto single vineyard but wasn't listed on the label that way. So I was excited to say the least. Can't read much of my notes though.

"Fabulous smooth rich nose that you can smell from afar. Really nice. Substantial nose. Blood and iron. Complex, delicate nose. Great wine. Raspberries / strawberries. Sweet raspberries. Persistent nose. Chalky, poignant, smokey, fresh, complex. Better on the nose than the palate. Intense. Not much sediment. Striking. Drink up. Very expressive".

Decanted between 1 and 2 hours. I don't see this improving and indeed it felt rather resolved, and not always in a good way. I think it would last for awhile. Very fun wine to drink and again, it didn't last long. Easier to drink than expected for a Serralunga wine. I expected more structure but this was an open, easy-going wine without a lot of structure. Three days later the bottle still smells wonderful to sniff. My first Margheria wine and bodes well for younger ones.

With a crispy roast duck and potatoes.

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