Interesting article in 750Daily, as linked by WineTerroirist:
to the (precious little) science behind wineglass shapes. So take that, GeorgReidel.

Having taken one of the Reidel Seminars at SFW&CF, I don't deny that the shape of the glass can have an impact on the aromatics of a wine, sometimes dramatically so. But I never found that a Chianti served in a Chianti glass was "better" than served in a Tazzalenghe glass...just different.

As for taste, I was never able to pick up any taste differences from the different glasses. As the article debunks:
....a model that seems to have been based on a misunderstanding of research reported in the early 20th century. Contemporary science tends to agree that perceptual differences are minimal from one part of the tongue to another.

For my case, my Reidel Skippy PeanutButter jar seems to work just fine.