Over the last 3 days we visited Siduri, Thumbprint, Hartford, and Idlewild. Siduri and Hartford have always been favorites. Thumbprint had some nice wines. I can't figure out Idlewild. The wines all had very expressive aromas reminding us of Italian varietals: Barbara, Dolcetto, and Nebiolo. But the wines after some nice flavors the finished hard with the tannins. They cry out for food.

Thursday finds us at Fontanella on Mt. Veeder. Carole Meredith recommended them. Excellent wines a cross the board with their Cab being a favorite.

Made a stop at Krupp Brothers and liked all their reds.

Visited Reynolds and their Cab Franc was the best of the bunch.

Sorry about no detailed notes but I stink at writing them. We're restocking the cellar after a bunch of years of drinking it down.

Found a lot fo new places with wines we'll be buying.