Trosset, Les Fils de Charles
Savoie, France
L'Expression d'un Terroir
Consistent brick red to scarlet in color, youthful with good clarity and a hint of orange around the outermost rims. Round and fleshy nose of dry underbrush, potpourri and pulped white grapefruit, leathery as well but none of this gets in the way of a steady flow of plum to black cherry fruit scents. Full-bodied, somewhat sluggish and the tannin seems lighter than might be desired. Greater presence of tar, black earth and damp leather whereas the citrus steps back. The florality puts up more of a fight put there's a lot of sous bois stuff going on. The Italian plum, boysenberry, currant fruit as savory as sweet. Releases well and finishes cleanly without sacrificing flavor length. Nothing "profound" but glass gets emptied quickly.
89 points