Monterey County, California
Santa Lucia Highlands
Garys' Vineyard
Impenetrable black core with noticeably thin crimson rims, looks fat and gelatinous. The nose destabilized by merde, peanut shell to rubbing alcohol notes otherwise there's twigs and tree bark, leather and an immobile core of cherry, red currant fruit and mocha powder, no real lift or swirl at all. Medium-bodied, has clearly shed weight if not exactly smoothed out. No problem with the level of black cherry, blueberry to blackberry fruit left. Alas, flavors of rubber and bell pepper take things in an unfortunate direction. Some white grapefruit, graphite to shoe leather but just can't sort itself out and get its ducks in a row. Hit its peak some time ago.
86 points

Note: Hard to really say this wine *should* still be kicking but definitely over the hill and falling apart. Oh well.