Peyre Rose, Domaine
Languedoc/Roussillon, France
Coteaux du Languedoc
Clos Syrah Leone
Opaque and mostly black core, saturate crimson to rust red rims hum with a foreboding nature. The nose shows a honeyed to candied nature, plum/prune to black currant fruit, no lack of depth yet can't vouch for its get up and go, any florality or citrusy notes are latent at best, suggestion of peanut shells at the end. Medium-bodied, integrated and fluid, while not spectacular in full control of itself. Rubber to wax notes through it off at first before settling into a steady flow of blueberry, blackberry, raspberry fruit and pastille type florality. Sufficient acidity to kick it in the ass as needed. Grapefruit citrus there but can't escape the textural gluey feel. What really gets it going is the tar, black tea leaf, mineral qualities, relentless in their assault. Old school Syrah while distinctly not Rhônish about it. No worries about it fading any time soon.
91 points