Hug Cellars
San Luis Obispo County, California
Bassetti Vineyard
A reddish cast dilutes the purple core, the liquid is clear even as the bottle neck saturated with crud, bright sunset red rims. The nose initially marred by a hint of rubber as well as charred oak and fried butter before segueing to grilled meats, tar and iodine, the plum to cherry fruit scents steady throughout with full ripeness. In the mouth it's medium-bodied, smoky and minerally with a pronounced acidic tang. As a result more of a cranberry, red cherry to red currant fruit profile here. Coffee grinds, kindling wood, any oak presence toasty and not sweet. White grapefruit makes a swift appearance at the end. There's no overt flaws but it does finish short and with mild astringency.
88 points