Four Saints Brewing Company
Potter's Clay Amber Ale
American Amber/Red Ale
North Carolina
16oz, 4-Pack
Full two plus finger head, tan with an orange tint, good density and retention, slowly dimples over time, the lacing more big splotches than streaks. The liquid is the expected amber to copper color, bright and spotless and the glass is full side to side with a storm of bubbles. Caramel, nougat, molasses and cocoa powder sweeten up the nose but there's a good dose of grassy bitterness too, muted apricot to cherry fruit scents, perhaps too chubby to achieve much lift. Medium-bodied, all that carbonation translates into a fluffy mouth feel. The malts remain dominant here, bready with cola bean, caramel, cocoa present. Close to no fruitiness, same white pit fruit with some cherry. The lack of crispness to it starts to drag on enjoyability. Can't find any true flaws or anything to complain about. It's more the converse that there's not a lot to trumpet. No problem finishing the glass but no reason for a second.
2 out of 5