New Glarus Brewing Company
Strawberry Rhubarb
Fruit/Vegetable Beer
12oz, 4-Pack
Thin head of reddish tan, even surface, retention seems good for the category, that said there's minimal stickiness to the lacing. Translucent pinkish red with some orange at the edges, has a semi-metallic sheen to it, delivers a few consistent beads of micro tiny bubbles. Flaky pie crust and of course strawberry and rhubarb fill the nose, more the former, touch of lemon peel and a vinous sourness, finishes with something reminiscent of lactose, overall staying power is good plus. Full-bodied, starts out on the heavy side yet the carbonation keeps churning away until it moves well across the palate. Good tartness to the strawberry and rhubarb flavors, at no point does it strike you as unnecessarily sweet. That said, the pie crust comes off as honey dappled and fruit soaked. Very good but seems to lack the focus and thrust of some of the brewery's other fruit beers.
3 out of 5