Plan Bee Farm Brewery
Barn Beer Wild Ale
American Wild Ale
New York
12.7oz, Single
Finger plus of bright white foam, appears to have credible density but the surface dimples quickly and retention is just about average, the lacing starts off in streaks but breaks off into splotches easily enough. Bright golden color although without much depth of hue, shiny, broadly spread out bubbles are fat and active. Super sour nose of lemon rind, witch hazel, white vinegar with oaky dill notes, the star fruit, pineapple to apricot pit component plays second fiddle throughout, funky with both tarry and milky nuances. Medium-bodied, cleaner here with an acidic mouth feel which plays well in opposition to the carbonation which tends to give it an expansive if not quite creamy feel. Hay, grains and iron flecks express themselves before the lemon and pineapple, melon, apple fruit. Unleashes a floral side and the oak more neutrally sour and vanillin than dill. The tar and earth can't quite anchor themselves in the face of its vinous qualities. Scrubbing lift at the end, prolonged finish. Here the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
4 out of 5