Some recent mature reds from the cellar.

1. 1999 Elio Grasso, Barolo "Casa Mate". I jetted up to Fishtown to answer the call from my kitchen capo Larry99 and his dinner invite. Duck breasts AND t-bone steaks. smile He had decanted the wine a few hours before from the "Dave bin" in his basement. The wine had been in there since I purchased it from Moore Brothers upon release, probably around 2004 or so (?). What a gorgeous Barolo! A deep red color, very vibrant and glowing with health, even at 19 years of age, not the more typical garnet/brick. huge, booming nose, very perfumed, with smoky, incensy dark fruits like black cherry/black raspberry, plus some earthiness, very impressive. On the palate the tannins are almost all faded and the wine has a silkiness to it, but still a nice acidity to match the meats. Lots of life, deep fruit and spice flavors, just perfect. My only regret is not buying one or two more of these at the time. frown Grade: easy A and absolutely no rush to drink this. Many good years ahead with proper storage and potential for an A+.

2. 1995 Antinori, CCR, "Marchese Antinori". Another "Dave bin" wine in perfect condition, dark blood red color, darker than the Barolo even, excellent nose of spicy black cherries, "Tuscan dust", yum. Rich and full flavored, good acidity, smooth finish, could not have asked for more from this 23 year old CCR. Delicious. Grade: A.

3. 1995 San Giusto a Rentennano, "Percarlo", Tuscan red. An old favorite of mine, the wine was showing a touch of dullness in the color and in the nose, not in the best shape, or maybe just past peak? Lots of sediment crusted in the neck of the bottle. Flavor was muted and showing a bit of oxidation, but still drinkable. This was at my sister's crib in Joisey last Friday night. Grade: B for this bottle, a perfect bottle would probably be much better.

4. 1997 Capanna, Brunello di Montalcino. Also showing some browning in the color and some oxidation on the nose, yet still drinkable, it got guzzled down at Thanksgiving. A perfect bottle is probably much better as well. Grade: B.

5. 1993 Tenuta Carretta, Barolo "Cannubi". Last bottle of a case bought in 1998 after an on line tasting held with the old crew, JFO, Jamie B. etc. The wine has always performed well, and this one was quite good, with the classic brick/garnet/orange rim color, mature but still healthy. Lovely nose of spice, incense, red cherry, raspberry, and delicious on the palate, silky, tannins resolved, still has a nice acidity, tasty finish. A very good Cannubi from an under rated vintage, and I think at this point it is giving everything it has. Grade: A-.


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