TN Oddero Barolo Mondoca Di Bussia Soprana 1998

14.5% Imported by Vinifera, NY

Oddero is a prestigious winery that this board turned me onto (Thanks CJ and Dave), with vineyards in all the right places, however now split up by the family. Bussia is a historic vineyard in the Monforte commune.

Decanted for three hours. "Sweet / oak nose. Smooth. Strong nose.Classic. Subtle. Licorice base. Pine nose. Cool menthol palate. Rich rose / pine resin nose that was very poignant. Perfectly balanced / ready to drink. drink up. A little modern. Very smooth. Tasted so Piedmont - best dish ever to accompany the wine. Very tea, coffee. Excellent. Balanced. Caramel. Deep dark complicated cherry nose. (Classic and smooth repeated endlessly). Heavy pine scent. Fresh. Moving into more intensity and structure. Savory palate. Bitter. Perfect wine / food combo. Beyond classic. Not flabby but inviting. On the line between feminine and masculine. Major heavy black cherry. Extremely fresh / great impact. going to wow. A wow dinner. A little blood / meat. Drink up?"

I really didn't expect much from this wine as I thought Oddero wouldn't show well young, community notes are fairly mediocre and Dave C's note on this wine made it sound like an acid bomb. As mentioned this was the best food / wine combo ever. Airline pheasant breasts wrapped in San Danielle, seared and roasted, with hedgehog mushrooms and porcini flavored pasta from Italy. The folks selling the mushrooms said that the hedgehogs would be better and drier than the chantrelles and boy were they correct. The pasta, like a wide noodle, was unpleasant the last time I had it and I only used it this time because we were too short on time for a risotto. Somehow it was perfect for this meal.

A fantastic experience.


Oddero Barolo Mondoca Di Bussia Soprana 1998.JPG

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