Dott. Giacomo Damilano Barolo 1982

13% Imported by Connoisseur Wines USA, NY

Here's some background info on Damilano:

I guess they are quite business savvy, having built a water business as well:

This was an extremely nice wine. I did not decant ahead of time since it smelled so nice when I opened it - pure autumn in a bottle.

This was a very pleasurable wine at peak. I think it will last for quite some time but I doubt it will get much better. It is a cool, sweet wine with menthol, rose, drying tannins, moderate acidity and very autumnal. It is complex and easy to drink. Classic Barolo commune wine and with what seems like a big dose of the Cannubi vineyard here. Very smooth and not over done nor over sized in any way - not a bomb of any kind. The wine went fast and as it was a special occasion, I have no detailed notes. I would highly recommend the old Damilano wines. I'm looking forward to the 1978 and the 1967 again. It's so fun to find excellent producers who nobody else seemed to want.The wine paired wonderfully with roast leg of goat and my wife's mushroom ravioli.


Dott. Giacomo Damilano Barolo 1982.JPG

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