Burial Beer Co.
Tin Cup Camp Stout (Ale Brewed With Coffee)
Milk/Sweet Stout
North Carolina
16oz, 4-Pack
Solid two fingers of dark tan foam, good density and retention, even surface, the lacing forms broad streaks with above average stickiness. Black liquid with a hint of orange-brown at the edges, nothing but a few haphazard bubbles to be seen. Chocolaty nose with a smooth American roast coffee foundation, no bitter notes, pecan nuts, sweet condensed milk, more floral than fruity, more persistent than pushy, coffee takes up more space as it warms. Medium-bodied, smooth for the high level of roastiness and perhaps drier than expected for a milk stout. The carbonation is a little lower than preferred. The coffee notes strong and here too without bitterness. More doughy, bready with a vanilla bean to cola bean aspect thrown into the mix, the oats presented with clarity. Maybe a touch of cherry or plum fruit. The more you sip it the more it comes across as a session stout with the volume turned down on purpose. Maybe made for folks who'd like a stout during warmer weather but normally demure. Simplicity is its strength.
4 out of 5