2001 Alban Syrah Lorraine

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far way...I actually considered myself lucky to be on the Alban mailing list. I got dropped when I failed to order from one release (prices were getting steep). Turns out I was very lucky. I thought these wines needed age to soften and develop secondary characteristics. Every time I dip into my dwindling stash of Alban wines I'm reminded that I was so wrong.

This time I double decanted the Lorraine Syrah about 3 hours in advance. Didn't help. The nose is unpleasant, harsh licorice notes. The fruit is intense still, but it is hard on the palate, no secondary characteristics and nothing to like at all. The tannins have softened, but the acidity is shrill. A short unpleasant finish. "D"

We dumped our glasses and went to the backup wine I had ready. I went back to the Alban later, but nothing had changed. Obviously, my palate is just not sophisticated enough to see the appeal of these wines.