Based on EricAsimov's rec for this wine, I cracked at Susan's:
1. Meiomi PinotNoir (13.7%; 56% MontereyCnty/26% SBCnty/18% SonomaCnty; MeiomiWines/Acampo 2017: Very dark color uncharacteristic of PN w/ thick/heavy legs; strong fruity vaguely PN/black cherry almost blackcurranty/Cab some toasty/oak light earthy rather simple/forward/fruity nose; very soft/fat bit porky strong grapey/fruity vaguely PN/black cherry more blackcurranty/Cab some toasty/oak big fruit flavor w/ light almost no tannins; med.long strong grapey/fruity maybe off-dry (0.5%-0.7% r.s.?) vaguely PN/black cherry mostly blackcurranty/Cab some toasty/oak big fruit finish w/ almost no tannins; a porky/big fruit/confected red that speaks only vaguely of PN and more like blackcurranty/Cab; not a bad red but just utterly boring. $16.00 (SMP)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This wine was pretty much about what I expected. Big fruit & utterly boring, though not as boring as a 2$Chuck. There was nothing I could put my finger as making it spoofalated, but I'm sure it was the best their lab could concoct. It certainly didn't speak any of Monterey PN. Not sure where the blackcurranty character came from but perhaps the MegaPurple. It actually went perfectly fine w/ the GreenChile Stew, but pretty boring to taste on its own.
This was, of course, the wnry started by JoeyWagner of Caymus fame. No vnyds, all purchased grapes. He sold it to Constellation for big $$'s. So this came from their mega-factory over in Acampo.