Cape May Brewing Company
Phantom Crew Flanders-Style Red Ale (Aged For Nineteen Months In Red Wine Barrels) (Barrel Aged Series)
Flanders Red Ale
New Jersey
25.4oz, Single
Thin tan head but continues to coat the surface for some time, excellent stickiness in the broad, splotchy lacing, impressive. Reddish brown liquid, full-on cloudiness and opacity, looks like puree, hard to see any bubbles. Vinous nose, bracing at first before slowly softened by caramel, custard notes, charcoal smoke and grainy, cherry to apricot fruit, pie crust, on the whole clean and without a good deal of funkiness. Medium-bodied, very foamy during the mouth entry, dry and slightly less vinous and sour than the nose would have it. Lactose, pie crust to yeast, some pleasing herbaceous snap. Close to minerally, the oak smooths this out even as it adds uneven caramel and butterscotch or sour elements. The fruit more biting cherry, raspberry to green apple, angular throughout. Thankfully ends with growing doughy, honeyed aspects so it goes out on a positive note.
3 out of 5