Southern Pines Brewing Company
Fruitjitsu Dark Fruit - Chocolate Imperial Stout (Conditioned On Blackberry And Blueberry Puree Before Cocoa Nibs Infusion)
American Double/Imperial Stout
North Carolina
16oz, Single
Dense dark brown head which crests around a single finger, above average retention, the lacing comes in broad sheets which slowly slide down the glass sides. Jet black liquid, a wall of tiny bubbles lift up the glass sides, good shine overall, attractive. Taut roast to the nose, chocolaty but not sugary, the tartness of the dark berry fruit comes through clearly, there's a minerally undercurrent and cleansing lift without interrupting the fruitiness. Medium-bodied, dry with consistent carbonation churning it forward, steady pacing against the palate. Bittersweet dark chocolate powder and golden pie crust keep it taut. The blueberry provides pleasing counterpoint to the roast, together creating a pungent mouth perfume. Can be lemony at times, the sourness infuses liveliness. Very good contrasting elements.
3 out of 5