Arenberg, d'
South Australia, Australia
McLaren Vale
The Hermit Crab
Filmy, translucent ruby-purple core, noticeably washes out into the rims, plum flesh red. Cola, cocoa, lemon peel and straw/hay accents to the nose, has a stiffening quality, the cherry, blackberry scents last very well, over though it makes you feel like someone stuffed wet cotton balls up your nose. Full-bodied, pours with some fizz at first but does eventually resolve whatever gases needed to be released. Grapefruit, eucalyptus, and more cola bean, the acidity tends to cut the raspberry, strawberry, bing cherry fruit in half. The mouth texture turns creamier towards the finish with some caramel, butterscotch to help. Some alcoholic prickle at the end. Comes of as if it has changed and likely settled down over the years but at this juncture there's no tertiary aspects of note and the elements are not particularly integrated. 72% Viognier, 28% Marsanne. (Screwcap)
88 points