Institut Agricole Regional
Valle d'Aosta, Italy
Filmy throughout, washed out violet core surrounded by brick red and orange rims, while it may look "older" that's probably just what it looks like per se. The nose starts out smelling like old boot leather and sweat socks, thankfully switches gears into candied raspberry, strawberry fruit, potpourri, incense and witch hazel, not to say that it loses all that leatheriness as well as leafiness. Medium-bodied, the sappy texture really helps it permeate the mouth pores, the tannin sneaky, the acidity a bit more obvious. Tar, asphalt and leather give it a cornerstone, gets lift from dried garden herbs, anise and more of that witch hazel like stuff. Ample strawberry, raspberry to red apple fruit with moments of citrus zest and floral dew mixed in. Rewards extended air time. 85% Vuillermin, 15% unspecified.
90 points

Note: First experience with the Vuillermin grape. Very nice. Would say I'd seek out more but not likely there's much available in the US, just one listing on Wine-Searcher.