Amalia, Cascina
Piedmont, Italy
Rossese Bianco
Light yellow straw in hue, pools into the glass well, translucent with a subtle green tint at the outer rims. Focused and penetrating nose of mint, anise, lemon peel, has a "skin and pit" character to the apricot, peach, pear fruit scents, while taut doesn't seem lean. Medium-bodied, good palate weight as the acidity intently shaves away weight, leaves your tongue feeling well scrubbed. More of that high-toned anise, mint to fennel, the pink grapefruit, lemon, paired with the stream water and chalk notes makes for a fresh profile, even a few years down the road. Same basic pear, apple, apricot fruit, not a wine which puts the spotlight on the fruit. Leaves a pleasingly pungent mist behind after you swallow. Not too forceful with its personality.
90 points

Note: Had the 2013 about a month ago and this 2014 was much better with more personality. Clearly, I need to bone up on my Rossese Bianco vintage generalizations.