Santa Barbara County, California
Thompson Vineyard
Mildly filmy, the purple core remains vivid as the rims mature into red to orange brick or clay hues. The nose seems grapey with notes of apple in addition to more expected blackberry, cherry fruit, the lavender scents are active but do get pushed aside now and then by oak toast, touch of leather or cured beef yet on the whole it remains primarily fruity. Full-bodied, outside of an initial jolt of acidity it's soft and permeates the palate well. Tangy white grapefruit citrus invites the oak into more of a mesquite grill smoke profile. The lavender, garrigues lift haphazard but pungent when it appears. Thick slabs of blackberry, blueberry to boysenberry fruit sugary and puckering both. Prolonged finish. In the end leaves you feeling best to take advantage of the fruit now rather than wait for any possible tertiary development.
89 points

Note: Much better experience than with the recently consumed 2012 Colson Canyon Syrah. Whew.