Results have just been released for the SFChron Wine Competition:

The one winner that stood out in my mind is the Sparkling Wine Sweepstakes Award: Trump Wnry Blanc de Blanc 2014. Won't be long afore we'll be hearing loud boasts coming from the WhiteHouse on who's the World's greatest winemaker. It's a wine designed to be served in the Oval Office to football players w/ Wendy's/McDonald's/BurgerKing/DominoPizza fare.

A rather unusual list of winners. Meomi Sparkling first in the Blanc de Noirs. The best Gruner comes from NewJersey, making MikeOfficer's GV just an also-run.

Anyway...interesting results...but don't waste a lot of time poring over the them. They've not listed the judges yet, which would be interesting. No doubt the finest palates available.