Pobega'd these two Fri night:
1. Harrington GrenacheBlanc SilettoVnyd/SanBenitoCnty (11.1%; 48 cs; SaH: 19 Brix) SanFrancisco 2017: Med.gold somewhat cloudy color; some floral/GB/honeyed bit graham cracker slight pungent/resiny/skin-contact (?) bit spicy/cinammon very interesting rather atypical GB nose; quite tart/tangy somewhat austere/saline/savory light floral/honeyed/GB light resiny/phenolic quite dry interesting flavor w/ light tannic bite; very long quite tart/tangy/citric light honeyed/floral/GB/graham cracker light phenolic/resiny/skin-contact rather tight/austere/saline finish w/ light tannic/tannic bite; a very atypical rather tight/lithe/wiry GB and seems to have a modest amount of skin-contact; interesting/unusual rendition of GB that will probably do some amazing things w/ age. $28.00
2. Harrington Syrah McEvoyRanch/MarinCnty (13.2%) 2017: Very dark color; beautiful blackberry/Syrah/very spicy classic c-c/black pepper somewhat Rhonish/pungent/roasted bit espresso/black olive tapenade maybe some w-c frmt (?) rather complex nose; very rart/tangy some c-c/black pepper strong blackberry/blueberry/Syrah/spicy somewhat Rhonish/black olive tapenade/probably w-c rather structured/hard some complex flavor w/ modest hard/crunchy tannins; very long/lingering tart/tangy/austere strong blackberry/Syrah/blueberry/spicy strong c-c/black pepper some w-c/Rhonish/black olive tapenade structured/hard rather complex finish w/ hard chewey tannins; a very classic c-c/w-c very structured Syrah that badly neds 4-8 yrs of age; much like a c-c Syrah from LasMadres than Que Syrah; a terrific Syrah that needs age. $35.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Always look forward to my latest shipment from BryanHarrington. It hit my doorstep Fri afternoon, so couldn't resist trying these two.
Has Bryan described in his writeup, the GrenacheBlanc was not your typical GB. Appears to have had some skin-contact. It is on the austere side and hard to taste on its own, but w/ food, it was pretty danged good.
Bryan urged me to try this (unreleased) Syrah. I was mightly impressed by it..for what it'll become down the road. The aromatics reminded me a lot of Syrah from LasMadres. On the palate, it had a toughness that suggest an EricTexier Syrah. Again..much better w/ food.