Cape Cod Beer, Inc.
Shucker's Reward Oyster Stout
Irish Dry Stout
16oz, 4-Pack
Healthy finger plus of very dark brown foam, agitated and evaporates swiftly as the surface becomes mottled, not much stick to the meager lacing. Black liquid, opaque to the point there's no visible carbonation, not even a ring of orange at the rims. The nose has a metallic ring to it, not altogether surprising given the oysters, powdered dark chocolate and cocoa the largest element overall, not that much roast, pleasant enough but nothing really going on. In the mouth it's medium-bodied and quite dry, if not puckering. That oyster, metallic thing persists and here it's joined by roasted meats, sort of like brisket. Touch of cola to the cocoa, mocha base. Carbonation is weak but thankfully that dryness substitutes for movement. Here the fruit shades more to white grape than richer plum. Easy to drink, devoid of flaws but in almost every way unremarkable.
3 out of 5