Cypress Brewing Co.
Baby Insane (Double Dry Hopped IPA With Citra)
New England IPA
New Jersey
16oz, 4-Pack
Modest finger deep head of bright white, pocked but more or less even surface, given where it started from the retention is very good, leaves one long and wispy streak for lacing. The liquid is a light yellow, only deepened by the full cloudiness, warm glow, a few bubbles seen scurrying upwards against the glass. The nose flits about playfully, mainly white grapefruit pith with tar, marijuana resin, and damp herbal matter in reserve, clean enough that the apricot, nectarine to green apple scents come through fine. Medium-bodied and could be considered heavier by some, lays itself down fully across the palate. Not much bitterness at all, the carbonation provides a soft churn rather than sharpen its focus. Same strong emphasis on white grapefruit here, perhaps sweeter than expected (especially for a double dry hopped beer). Resiny, at times peppery, any funkiness most obvious at the finish with aftertaste. Smooth and while monochrome it's pure simple pleasure from start to finish.
4 out of 5