Double Nickel Brewing Co.
Belgian Golden Ale
Belgian Strong Pale Ale
New Jersey
12oz, 6-Pack
Full finger's worth of creamy off-white, good density and retention, better length in the lacing than expected. Gold to amber hued liquid, clean but not especially shiny, steady flow of random, large bubbles, no beads. Powerful nose of clove, Indian mukhwas, caramel, honey dripped challah bread, lightly peppery, the banana scents trump but don't overpower the poached apricot, pear accents. Full-bodied, muscular and relentless to the finish. This aspect accentuated by the weak carbonation. Finishes on the dry side, even with the relative richness of the whole. The banana, bubblegum draw out whipped cream, scone notes. Offers green melon, pear flavors in support. Through the mid-palate becomes metallic, minerally with elevating pepperiness. Could be considered as herbaceous as this style could get. This sort of bitterness enlivens it and probably helps it from getting too sweet. Overall, its heaviness makes it a candidate for "dessert beer" rather than for pounding on its own. Well done, not fully traditional, follows its own path.
3 out of 5