Marchese Villadoria Barolo Riserva 1964

Azienda Agricola Rivette e La Marenca Serralunga d' Alba


Gaja's dad used to buy the fruit from this "farm" (Rivette e La Marenca - two adjoining vineyards). Gaja himself waited many years and was able to buy these vineyards in 1989 and make his Sperss from it. Villadoria therefore has been a value play for many years. Lanzavecchia bought Villadoria in the late '60's and produced wine from these vineyards under both labels. I'd heard good things about this wine but unfortunately it was oxidized. It was oxidized when I opened it, oxidized after 6+ hours of decanting and oxidized the next day when I drank the last of it. We never dump them unless it's really over the top oxidized. I find myself warming up to the oxidized nebbiolo. I'd certainly prefer that they were not oxidized but the oxidized wine went so went well with the food and as a style that I began to think of it positively. This is an old style of nebbiolo but I'm not sure this one was made that way on purpose or not (oxidized). It was a very smooth wine but was probably compromised by the crumbly cork.Lots of fruit left which didn't fade after 24 hours. Well stored bottles probably would be great but not this one. My wife spoke up and liked it, though. Amazing that she likes oxidized old Italian wines more than me! With roast duck and roast potatoes.



Marchese Villadoria Barolo Riserva 1964.JPG