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I read the article.

Some of the science seems a bit fuzzy and I am not a chemist or micro-biologist.
But there are some interesting points, especially regarding proper nutrition in fermentations. Natural wine folks donít add DAP or other nutrients and development of reduction in circumstances where the yeast run out of nutrient is not unusual.

Regardless, I am not a strong natural wine guy (in the terms used by the author). I drink them but I really donít care one way or the other.
And I will not make wine that way.
Iím judicious with sulphur and additions but Iím not making wine that smells like rotten eggs only to be offended when someone calls me on it. What I make, I make for me - if I donít like, I canít ask you to.

Best, Jim

Which is really the way it should be, Jim.

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