Mendocino County, California
Yorkville Highlands
Hawks Butte
Murky blackish purple core, not much clearer as it gets closer to the thin brick red rims. The nose displays some volatility at the start, merde, peanut shells and rubber, eventually these recede to yield space to cinnamon, ginger spice, plum, cassis fruit scents, some poor dirt and pebbles, sniff as much as you want and all you're going to get are primary aromas, even at this age no real development. Full-bodied, layered on the tongue, moderate tannin but not all that much acidity. The plum, cassis, cherry fruit extremely prominent. Mint, whipped cream and menthol bring dimension, can't say it seems overtly oaky. Towards the end there's more leather and earthiness. Not sure if one should be happy there's so much fruit left or disappointed there's so little development with nary a sign that it is in the offing.
88 points