Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Dragons & YumYums (Pale Ale Brewed With Dragonfruit And Yumberry, Passion Fruit, Pear And Black Carrot Juices)
American Pale Ale
12oz, Single
Meager head, barely half a finger and washes away swiftly, bright white, no stick to the lacing. Pinkish orange hued liquid, close to metallic looking, immaculately clean, random microscopic bubbles meaner about. Grainy nose, a bit raw, unprocessed rather than bready, indistinctly spicy at first then just settles into the red berry perfume and lemon spritz. Medium-bodied, feels flat and lacking in carbonation, more like a glass of juice and seltzer than a beer. The mixed red berry fruit accompanied by pear, hard to get the carrot. Quinine, here it turns breadier. The lemon citrus persists, hard to pin down any real hoppiness but there is a smattering of what could be called gin botanicals. Conversely, equally challenging to find meaningful maltiness. As with more than a few DFH brews, the additives hog the spotlight and it's a flip of a coin which traditional beer category it belongs in. But not unpleasant to drink a bottle and then reach for something different next.
3 out of 5