Tried this the other night:
1. DavidBruce Chard RRV (50'th Anniv Slctn; 14.5%; LosGatos 2013: Med.dark gold color; strong butterscotchy/caramel/toasty/Fr.oak strong melony/honeydew/Chard bit smokey ripe slight complex nose; soft/fat strong butterscotch/caramel/toasty/smokey/Fr.oak rich/lush/ripe melony/Chard/buttery heavy bodied/textured rather simple flavor; long soft/fat/porky very strong toasty/buttery/butterscotch/caramel/Fr.oak ripe/Chard/melony/lemony finish; legs suggest greater than 14.5%; a pretty classic example of overripe/buttery/Chard/full M-L/over oaked Chard; kinda neat throwback to DavidBruce Chard of old; fine for the first glass or two but becomes very tiring on the palate after that. $30.00 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. It's been a good long while since I've had a DavidBruce. Saw this on the mark-down shelf at KK, so thought I'd take a trip down memory lane. Shouldn't have bothered.
Back in the day, I awaited the appearance of a new DB wine w/ great anticipation. It was always an adventure to see how far David could push the boundaries on extract & oak. His passion was PinotNoir, but his other wines were always the most interesting. Zin/Grenache/PetiteSirah, often from the MaryCarterVnyd in Gilroy, often well above 15% alcohol. He once made a LateHrvst Chard at 16%+ that was extraordinary for its intensity, both of fruit and of oak.
For several yrs, he made a MendoCnty GWT that was one of the best GWT's ever produced in Calif. Much like a VendageTardive Alsatian GWT...back in the days when those were good wines.
He also made an (Estate) Riesling that was extraordinary. Made like his Chards, with a ton of new oak and great fruit intensity. It actually aged into something pretty interesting. Very unlike any R anybody has ever had.
The DB WebSite is rather weird. It looks to be very stale. Many wines no longer available. Interestingly, there is no mention of David Bruce, the man, on there. It is advertised as being owned by Jeanette Bruce, Davi'd wife. My understanding is that she's been running it into the ground. The winemake, Mitri, I've met & he seems pretty competent. But quite a sad way to end a legend. I understand David's health is failing and fully expect to see his Obit any day now.
But lots of very good memories of DavidBruce and his extraordinary wines.