Cracked this wine last night:
1. CanSumoi Serra de l'Home Xarel-lo Dd'O: Penedes (12.5%; PalomarImports/Miami; Francesc Escala i Pepe Raventos/Juncosa del Mortmell/Espana 2017: Med.dark gold color; strong caramel/pencilly/leesy lush/melony/spicy/fruity slight honeysuckle/honeyed slightly earthy almost Rouss-like quite attractive fragrant nose; rather soft/fat/rich/lush some pencilly/caramel/leesy lush honeysuckle/melony/Rouss-like bit earthy flavor; very long soft/lush/fat ripe melony/honeysuckle/Rouss-like some oak/pencilly/caramel/leesy/graham cracker finish w/ very unpleasant wet-dog-fur/mousey aftertaste; a pleasant enough WW but just that, nothing more. But the aftertaste that lingers on pretty much ruins this wine. $22.00 (AV)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This is a new "natural" wine that recently appeared here in NM. There is no mention of use of oak in its production but it had a strong caramel character that suggested oak, plus a very strong leesy character.
At first I rather liked this wine, but as I tasted it more, the very dreadful very persistent aftertaste pretty much ruined it for me.
Xarello, or Xarel lo is one of the three grape varieties used in Cava production.