Amador County, California
Cobb Vineyard
A touch of violet left to the core, mostly burnt reds and oranges, clear enough but there's some sediment thrown for sure. First into the nose is grill smoke and meat fat, that toasted bread and butterscotch, more crisp than creamy, conversely the fruit is light and sprightly, raspberry, green apple, as much strawberry as cherry scents, light touch of eucalyptus but nothing you'd really consider substantial tertiary development. Medium-bodied, thick and sticky bottom but no real upper body strength. Here the oak is indeed creamier, vanilla fudge, caramel but it's not entirely out of proportion to the whole. More by way of savory herbs, orange peel, pine, much less smoky and meaty than the nose. The raspberry, blueberry, strawberry fruit has no excess flesh, gets to the end the same as it started. Rugged like a 48 hour shadow on your chin.
89 points