Tuckahoe Brewing Co.
New Brighton Imperial Coffee Stout
American Stout
New Jersey
16oz, 4-Pack
Two to three finger head, deep brown coloration, good density as well as retention, creamy looking, the lacing forms a full coating on the glass. Black liquid with no hint of coloration at the edges, a few scattered tiny bubbles can be seen periodically. The coffee scents show as much lactose as roast, deep but not particularly penetrating, more dark than milk chocolate, has a metallic aspect sort of like oyster shells, a hint of tire rubber and then white grape, cherry fruit scents, while not attractive at least it dissolves quickly enough. Medium-bodied, smooth and able to establish a brisk pace across the palate. Not much carbonation, as a partial result the sweeter chocolate, toffee notes outlast any roastiness. The coffee more knit in and less pronounced here than in the nose. Credible amount of nuttiness, the fruit darker here, maybe cherry or plum, hard to parse out. Expected a drier finish than received, again, while the pacing is good texturally the flavors don't evolve. All-in-all, and allowing for its simplicity, it's an enjoyable drink and not out to over-impress.
3 out of 5