Crossroads Brewing Company
Black Rock Stout
Foreign/Export Stout
New York
16oz, 4-Pack
Finger plus of deep brown foam, mottled surface but very nice retention, whiskers for lacing. Jet black liquid, no color regardless of the viewing angle, you can see tiny bubbles break the surface now and then. Roasty nose of cocoa powder, coffee beans, grilled nuts and quinine, more thrust than richness, no real fruit presence to speak of, lasts well enough given its monochrome nature. Medium-bodied, offers more carbonated churn than expected. Noticeably dry and verging on bitter, hard to find any element of sustained sweetness. Hint of cherry but, again, it's cocoa, coffee and nuts on a looped replay. After you sip you can really feel it paste itself against the roof of your mouth. Bonus points for balance but simply not enough contrast that it could be imbalanced. Absent glaring flaws as well as offputting astringency outside of intended dryness. Nothing you'd cross the street to get.
2 out of 5