Russian River Brewing Company
Consecration (Ale Aged In Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels With Currants Added)
American Wild Ale
12.68oz, Single
Meager dusting of tan foam which is pretty much gone just as the pour settles, in turn no lacing to speak of but one really wasn't expecting much of either. Light and fully transparent brownish red with wide yellow rims, while the bubbles are about as miniscule as imaginable there are steady streams of them. The sour cherry scents stunted by caramelized brown sugar and molasses notes, touch of coconut flakes, more vinegary than vinous, turns to pie dough and Ovaltine, not as high-toned as expected nor as generally powerful. Medium-bodied, has acidic punch and feels very firm in the mouth. The cherry, currant fruit flavors strong here but so is the oak. Grilled nuts, cocoa, molasses to at times more American oak dill accents. Clean attack, gets funkier towards the finish and retronasally. No astringency, dryness or deep puckering sensations, balanced and approachable. No alcoholic heat either. Even as one notes this, it bears the stamp of a wild ale, albeit mannered. The grip extends the texture a good bit after the flavors have subsided. Not discerning noticeable change as it warms towards room temperature. Suavely arrayed.
4 out of 5