Pisgah Brewing Company
Doppelbock German Style Dark Lager (Winter 2017-18)
North Carolina
22oz, Single
Modest finger of bright, light tan color, even surface, this maintained as it swiftly disappears, no real stick to the lacing. Shiny mahogany brown liquid, the first pour is crystal clear before the particulate starts to come forth, steady production of tiny, dispersed bubbles. The nose does not augur any real sweetness but you do get plenty of German chocolate cake, caramel, pecans, and pie crust dough, there's also a more taut grainy character, maybe some maraschino cherry but not particularly fruity, lingers well. Medium-bodied, creamy mouth feel with steady carbonation. Cola bean, milk chocolate, butterscotch, and vanilla bean lend more flavor than sugariness and on the whole it's fairly dry. Candied nuts and scone more present through the finish. Hints of cherry alongside figs and yellow raisins. Drinkable, fresh ending, minimal residual flavors or textures. This is not the Doppelbock you sip before a roaring fire but it's probably more food friendly at the table than most of its peers.
4 out of 5