Stone Brewing Company
Grapefruit Slam IPA (Double India Pale Ale With Grapefruit Peel)
American Double/Imperial IPA
Close to three fingers of creamsicle colored orange and tan, lightly dimpled surface, good overall density and retention, highly credible lacing as well. Cooper orange hued liquid, darkened by a considerable amount of suspended particulate, barely any visible bubbles. The nose is comprised mainly of dank herbaceous matter, roof tar and pine sap, as it normalizes the grapefruit is able to come more to the fore, brings with it light florality, hard to get any fruit scents beyond the grapefruit. Full-bodied, heavy upfront but releases well enough to start flowing by the finish. Pine, honey, caramel and scone accents, the dankness less dominant here. In turn the grapefruit more woven into the whole, albeit always noticeable. Carbonation adds a steady tickle. Peach, mango, nectarine fruit flavors, no full on tropicality. Nor is it especially bitter but it is damn dry. If served blind there's a good likelihood it would be pegged as a Stone beer by someone familiar with the house style. Nothing truly stand out about it though.
3 out of 5