Voghera Vino Barolo 1967

13% 720ml

I bought this wine in the hopes that this was from the Voghera vineyard in Serralunga as it's often that wineries were named after the vineyard/farm. Voghera is currently made by Azelia. Brovia makes Ca'mia in the Brea vineyard next to it and sometimes they were thought of as one. The Voghera winery is still active in the town of Barbaresco but not sure if they still make a Barolo, only Barbaresco. It almost looks like the tower of Serralunga on the label but can't say for sure where this wine was from and the winery didn't respond either to my query. The label lists the winery as being in Barbaresco.

Decanted for 30 minutes. The cork fell into the wine when I used the pronged remover.

"Very sweet and poignant nose. Deep black cherry. Nose better than the palate. Mushrooms. Good but lacks a little something. Gets better. Excellent black cherry nose. Great balance. I could smell the black cherry all night. Definitely Serralunga. Delicate and smooth. Lacks concentration. Simple. Good but simple. Really picked up on the last sip. Deep black cherry".

Despite the last sip, my wife and I agreed that there wasn't enough to the wine - lacked richness and concentration. The wine was not in the least oxidized which was nice. A seemingly well stored bottle. I don't recommend this wine.


Voghera Barolo 1967.JPG