Castello Di Neive Barbaresco Vigneto Messoirano 1978


Messoirano is no longer made as a single vineyard Barbaresco but is currently blended into their Barbaresco classico/normal along with several other vineyards. It appears to have been made until at least the mid 90's. The vineyard is named after the wheat workers (contadini messori) and varies from 300 meters to 220 meters.

Decanted three hours and the cork was a mess - first time I have strained the wine. The wine had an unusual, somewhat unpleasant taste that I couldn't place. Not reminding me of Nebbiolo though. The last glass started to turn Nebbiolo like and was nice.

There was a drop or two the next morning that was very spicy, smooth, zero oxidation, very nebbiolo-like and VERY intense/concentrated. I was deeply surprised.

When I tried to post this last weekend unsuccessfully (7 days later), I checked the bottle and there were still a few drops left. To my total surprise, the wine was smooth, zero oxidation and very intense. Wow!

I think this is a 50/100 year wine and if you want to drink it sooner, you should decant 5-10 hours beforehand (or 7 days!). Amazing. I have two more that I'll treat differently based on this experience.

A highly spicy wine with major intensity and concentration. Rustic and maybe not the most complex wine though.

Highly recommended. Unicorn wine as there is little to no info on this wine.


Castello Di Neive Barbaresco Vigneto Messoirano 1978.JPG

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