Tonewood Brewing
Improv Double IPA
American Double/Imperial IPA
New Jersey
16oz, 4-Pack
Pours a big 2-3 finger head, thick and creamy, just off white, excellent retention and once the head starts to fade leaves big splotches of lacing behind. Goes well past hazy into looking like apricot juice, think orangish yellow, fully opaque. Heavy and layered nose of pineapple, papaya, mango fruit with a damp dankness, the graininess as well as florality struggle to be heard, not a lot of pine but there a stiff burst of white grapefruit pith, more power than precision. Full-bodied, kind of too much girth to feel fluffy, no room left at the start to allow for expansion. Carbonation moderate to low, don't feel much prickle through that thickness. Tropical guava, mango to apricot, peach fruit, ripe and juicy. Touch doughy, good citrus bite. Lots of dry residue through the finish. The dank grassiness nowhere near as prevalent as in the nose. And while dry as noted not bitter. Gregariously clumsy, while packed with flavor it wears you out and one can is about all you'd want in a single sitting.
4 out of 5