Scholium Project, The
Central Valley, California
Lost Slough Vineyard
The Wisdom of Theuth
Deepened gold color but not close to amber, mildly dull and devoid of shine but does fill the glass well. Doughy nose, not quite maderized but flat, baking spices, apple cider, apricot skin, stream water, more floral as it warms, nothing it out of place of offputting, smells like a wine with some age on it. Medium-bodied, bottom heavy with yeasty, doughy notes and a touch of lemon curd. Same lavender with cinnamon, nutmeg spice and something close to sage. That element of citrus helps stiffen it. The apricot, peach to pear fruit fine for what it is, presents a somewhat surprising bitterness. The dough throws off a vanillin touch. Comes off as disconnected and in need of an experienced conductor. Yet, hard to fault the individual players.
88 points