Enrico Serafina Vino Nebbiolo 1978

720 ml. Alcool Grade 9 (?)

Serafino was founded in 1878 in Canale, according to the bottle. They are/have been a negociant, bought recently by the same Krause family that bought Vietti. I have never had one of their wines before and know very little about them. I got this wine in order to get another I really wanted. This one probably cost me $10.

Cork was again very hard to remove. The wine was oxidized although not as bad as the Busso Borgese. This had fruit underneath and the oxidation blew off a little. I had higher hopes for this wine but the fruit was simple and somewhat of vegetable. Sort of a poor Cotes du Rhone. The next day it was a tiny bit better but never over an 83 and still a tiny bit oxidized.

Gaja said his dad's customers wanted their Barbaresco to taste like Marsala. I had a chance to taste the Marco De Bartoli Marsala Superiore at the Dressner tasting and indeed it tasted very much like the wines I've had recently.


Enrico Serafino Vino Nebbiolo 1978.JPG

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