We had our second bottle of this and what a great way to close out the Barolo season.

For folks who buy old wine, this was everything you could ask for. There were zero imperfections relating to the age of the wine. Zero flaws relating to its provenence. I'm not saying it was a 100 point wine but for a 51 year old wine, it gave no sign of decline or youth. "This is a 1967?", my wife asked incredulously. A timeless wine.

Very different than the first bottle above - none of the earthy, Burgundian tones. This was classic nebbiolo flavors - rose and black cherry, acidic, unified in a monolithic fashion, it drank very much like tea. It lacked a bit of richness and depth. Perfect foil to the duck legs confit.

I didn't take any notes but left a little for the next night. Notes for day 2 read,"Great texture, acidic, balanced, beautiful infinity nose, oyster shells, tea, low sediment, smooth, mildly tannic & structured." It got less sweet and gained structure / lost fruit the longer it was open. There was some sort of "pea under the mattress" flavor that stuck out in the otherwise wonderful wine towards the end.

3 for 3 on the old Damilano wines. What a great find and seemingly perfectly stored bottles.


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